A Haunted History of Knoxville by Laura Still

A Haunted History of KnoxvilleHanged killers, reanimated corpses, tragic fires, cold-blooded murder, and sweet revenge

A shady founding father, a governor’s restless bones, accursed creatures, lynch mobs, and spectral lovers: Knoxville Tennessee has all of these and more.

A City with a Violent Past

The predominant hue of the city’s colorful past is blood red, and restless souls are rumored to inhabit the night. The streets have echoed with gunfire as Knoxville survived the violence of frontier times, the Civil War, and the shadowy gaslight decades when the elite classes strolled Gay Street while just down the hill in the saloon district known as the Bowery, murderers and thieves played their dark dangerous games.

The Stories and the Places

Join writer and history tour guide Laura Still on a journey into her home town’s past as she tells the amazing true stories behind the ghostly phantoms and unquiet spirits that haunt Knoxville.